Are you looking for an all-electric heating and cooling system that can help you save money on utility bills? The FSH1BF hits the mark. Not only does the FSH1BF offer high efficiency, it offers enhanced home comfort as well. It operates in two stages for more even temperatures and increased comfort. This model also features CoreSense® technology that helps extend the life of the compressor - one of the most important components of a cooling system. This technology detects system conditions that may hurt your compressor and shuts the unit down until a contractor can diagnose the problem.


Did you know that your home may be drier than a desert during the winter? Take the Sahara Desert for example - it typically hovers around 25% humidity. Your home during the winter could drop to 13% relative humidity! And, a dry home is a cold home. The HUMID-B, Whole-Home Bypass Humidifier uses a manual humidistat that allows you to control the humidity in your home. Adjusting the humidity level your home is set at during different seasons may help you save money. A home that has a 35% humidity level will feel just as warm at 69˚F as that same home at 72˚F with a 19% relative humidity level.


Ready to take control of your home’s comfort levels? Adding the HUMID-P Whole-Home Power Humidifier is a great place to start. During the winter, your home’s humidity levels may drop to staggeringly low levels - lower than some deserts! And, a dry home is a cold home. When you raise the humidity level of your home, it will feel comfortable at a lower temperature. This can help you save money on heating costs. This unit uses a manual humidistat so you can have simple, convenient control over your home’s humidity levels.